Browsing youtube and saw this~ is this the real poki? (Jp youtube but recommended me chinese poki youtube)

It seems that it looks genuine because of the about page which translates to:

are you trolling?

it's obviously copy pasted from Poki's real youtube channel and they added some parts to make it look authentic.

also the chinese subtitles are scuffed as fuck. do you really think the editor would just put the subtitles over the english ones (

also why would Poki create a chinese youtube channel, she has like 3M subs or something why would she create a youtube channel for a mere 30k subs. that's 1% of all her subs on yt.

her real youtube channels are listed here:

please have some common sense on the internet. it's obviously a fake channel. it's probably a student trying to make some money off of Poki's content.

I won't report the channel because sometimes it's hard to get by in those countries and it doesn't do any harm just raises her popularity overseas and these people might tune in to her real channels.

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