Broxah in extensive interview- This is the most unlucky year I've experienced: first visa issues, then the team wasn't doing well, now on the edge of missing playoffs, I'm stuck in my room all day, the entire world is messed up, I'm worried about what's happening here and what's happening in Denmark

Yes those things are unlucky, but pinning all of TL’s problems on those two issues makes 0 sense. It’s not like COVID-19 is affecting other teams any less, so that is a pretty shit excuse for their poor performance this split.

Regarding the visa situation, Broxah is the only guy who legit should be getting a pass for this split but instead majority of the TL fanbase seem to be flaming him the most, whining about how the team wouldn’t be in this situation if Xmithie hasn’t left. FYI TL underwent the LEAST roster changes in the offseason compared to the rest of the league so it’s tough to buy this excuse for falling off as hard as they did. IMT has a 2-0 record against them ffs, how can you even justify this shit being the four-time defending champions?!

Fact is that the whole TL roster coasted into the split and took it easy because they took their success for granted. With or without Broxah, they thought they were good enough to get into playoffs and win it all again with minimal effort. Due to that mentality they just stagnated, while the rest of the league improved as a whole and closed the gap - now they’re paying the price for not taking things seriously.

As a C9 fan, ngl it’s was enjoyable to see them lose early on, but at this point it’s just sad. I hope they take this as a wake-up call and get their act together because they are still a top squad on’ll be a goddamn shame if they don’t make it to worlds.

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