BRTs 32 vs 34 (pics included. Deck is 34 and the tail has the 32s)

You’ve seen the pics but if you want my personal opinion if you’re wondering on which size to get, I would say both would work. However I’ve had many Berlinwood x wide 33.3 classic shapes (my favorite shape of all time) all with 32 black rivers and I’ve always thought that the trucks were slightly small. They look small when you’re using it and they feel just a little bit smaller than the deck.

I know the 34s obviously fit a little better and the axle is flush/doesn’t stick out stick out (as you can see), since the deck is also 34 but I can’t possibly imagine it making much of a difference on a 33/33.x to the point where you’d be happier riding the 32s.

I hope this makes sense but the 32s makes it feel like more of your weight is in the center of your board instead of across the whole thing, especially when grinding rails. 

The 32’s do you have an advantage of being lighter and because the hanger is shorter it’s easier to lock in on your wheel side edge for tricks like smiths But it sort of feels daintier and like you have less control.

So basically I would recommend the 34s 100% if you’re using a 33 or above deck but I did put the 34 trucks on a 32 deck I had and they definitely stuck out in looked like a hot rod. 

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