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[WTS] Custom Convoy T2 sw45k w/H17Fx driver (US - NY)

$65 (OBO); includes shipping and G&S fees

Timestamp and pictures

Hey all! I made a few of these for my family and I have an extra one. I tried to make these the ultimate 14500 EDC.

It has the amazing and customizable H17Fx driver, with lucidrv2, my current favorite UI. It does have a FET, so I would only use Vapcell Gold 14500s with a max discharge of 3A. The sw45 emitter is also on a DTP MCPCB, so it is in good shape to transfer the heat created. I've measured right around 4A (+- .25) at the highest mode using a clamp meter. Still, it is a small light and a high-CRI emitter (the best!), so it won't maintain the highest lumen levels indefinitely. In use, I don't have a problem holding on to this light running it at 3A or just over for ~2.5 minutes. It can probably keep going at that level, but I haven't bothered to push it past that, and the driver has configurable thermal controls you can set wherever you like.

I also don't have testing equipment, but (comparing it to the low levels on my H53Fc, and highs on other flashlights) I'd say this light runs from about .5-500lm. Once again, the lucidrv2 UI makes it fully configurable for how you'd like the light to be set up.

I can also ship it with either the deep carry convoy S2+ clip, or that Olight (not as deep carry but way better than stock) clip that is a cool 2-way clip.

Sorry for the wall of text. If you have questions just PM me! If there's no interest I'll just keep this rad EDC for myself!

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