'Buddha would be green': Dalai Lama calls for urgent climate action

Talk to an old Tibetan sometime.

I've talked to numerous Tibetans inside and outside of Tibet.

I assure you they do not want the old theocracy back.

Who said anyone wanted theocracy back? The TGE is a democracy...

There's a reason the Dalai Lama isn't popular anwhere except the west.

This proves you've never been to Tibet nor have talked to many Tibetans.

And i can back it up. with many hours of talking to people from the region and reading about it.

From your previous comment, this is a lie.

I simply refuse to engage in a discussion with you, because i know that you are not interested in an open ended discussion, but in pushing your distortet eurocentric bullshit.

You refuse because you can't back up your claim and have no evidence. Oh please tell me what distorted eurocentric bullshit I said. Do you want me to use just Tibetan sources?

brutal feudalistic theocracy

As you have yet to show or prove...

I have better things to do then debate fundamentalists.'

Don't be shy kid, it's ok your bullshit got called out.

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