Buffalo Tuesdays - Lore!

Sir Willakers stepped on this new undiscovered land. His boat rumbled behind him as the waves washed ashore. He gazed on its beauty. "Not a single dwarf has ever stepped foot on this land" he said to himself. He started walking near the shore while his crew unpacked their cargo. He was so calm, just walking through the beach, alone, surrounded by never-before-seen trees, with funky looking fruits. All he could hear was the sound of his own footsteps, accompanied by the sound of the waves, and the wind whistling as he enjoys this peaceful moment. The whistling of the wind was interrupted by a different whistling sound, less calming then the peaceful wind. An arrow flew right by his ear, landing in the water behind him. "Missed!" he said while drawing his sword. He was surprised to find his waist full of weird looking arrows. "Missed? Only one" he heard someone say. As he collapsed to the sand beneath his feet, he could see a female figure getting out of the bushes, smiling. The last thing he thought was his own blood, washing the once-to-be-peaceful sand beneath him in a dark red color. He woke up in pain, in a tent. He jumped on his legs, and instinctively drew his sword. To his surprise, she was still in his scabbard. He didn't expect to find it there. He looked around, "Did I get captured?" It looks like he did. "So why do I still have my sword?" His waist was full of bandages, the arrows were gone, and he felt like he was under some sort of drugs. Confused, he burst out of the tent, to find himself in a big open area in the woods, full of other tents, and hundreds of tall people, who froze on their spots, looking directly at him. "Well! Look who woke up!" he heard someone say, behind him. He turned around. The female warrior that haunted him down was standing in front of him, wearing a feather hat on her head, and holding a charged bow. She speaks my tongue. "You speak dwarven?" he asked her. She smiled "You're not the first to set foot on this continent" Damn it. "But how? I've never heard of any dwarf who crossed the entire Ocean to get here before us!" "Well, the dwarves of the north just crossed the north Pole by foot to get here" Oh, Damn it. "Well then…uh…" He wasn't sure what to say, he had so many questions, why did they attack him? Where is the rest of the crew? Why is he still alive? Why does he still have his sword? She noticed his confusion, and lowered her weapon. "Confused?" she asked. "Take me to the Chief's tent" "Very well, follow me then" And so he did. They entered a small tent and sat down, he scanned the room; It was a small tent, with a wooden floor, full of all sorts of armor and giant bows, near him was a bag full of arrows. "Our tribe specializes in making arrows" She said. "I got shot 7 times in the waist and I'm still alive" "The fact that we specializes in arrows doesn’t only mean that we can make the deadliest arrows in the world" she said, "But also the most gentle arrows. The purpose of the arrows we shot at you was to cut through your armor, stick into your body, and put you to sleep, while keeping you alive". What? Why did they want to keep me alive? What do they want? He thought to himself. She picked an arrow from the bag. "This are our battle arrows, filled with snake poison, they will cut through your armor and kill you before you hit the ground" she said while staring at them. Sir Willakers grew impatient. "Well? Where is the Chief?" He asked. "I am the Chief. Can't you see the feather hat on my head?" "Well then, answer me: Did you try to hunt me?" "Yes" "Well then why am I alive, and why do I still have my bow and sword?" "You see, there is a prophecy that one day small men will come to our tribe. They will enter our temple at their own will, where they will be burned alive in their battle armor ". Willakers felt uncomfortable. "Then an all powerful being will come to our land and impregnate one of our females, and she will give birth to the strongest warrior in our land, who'll rule the biggest empire in our world". "So you burn the northern dwarves, and they agreed?" He asked. "Kinda, yea" she answered. "How many dwarves do you need to burn?" "We're not sure. We'll just keep on burning them until an all powerful being will come to us" "Well, I won't enter your temple at my own will" She smiled, "You already did". She jumped on her feet and left the tent. Willakers jumped as well and tried to follow her, when he left the tent, he saw that the entire tent was surrounded with large planks, covering it from every side. The Chief went out through an opening that was blocked after she went through it. This is the temple, oh no. At that moment, they Light the planks. He was about to be burned alive. The fire surrounded him, he took his sword and tried to cut through the planks as the fire burned his flesh. Finally, he escaped the fire, and started to run. "He's escaping!" He heard someone say. He took cover behind the woods and pulled out his bow. A man tried to charge him with a sword, he drew his bow and shot an arrow to his skull. Behind him he could see the Chief, with a group of archers. An arrow hit a tree near Willakers, he hide behind the tree and shot a few arrows. "Hold your fire!" The Chief said. "Let him waist his arrows, if he'll try to run, we'll shoot him, his arrows can’t do anything to our armor, they're weak" Willakers continued to shoot at them, and every time he did no damage. Their armor was strong, the arrows didn’t do a thing to them. And then, he shot his last arrow. "Now! Attack!" She screamed. 10 arrows were shot at him at the same time. He hid behind the tree. "Stop! He's hiding again" Willakers looked around the corner and gathered the arrows they shot at him. He charged his bow with them, and shot, hitting each of the archers in the torso, the arrows went through their armor, killing them instantly. "He tricked us!" She said. But there was no one left to hear her say that. He ran as fast as he could for miles, until finally finding the shore. At that moment, he got hit in the head. He dropped his sword and fell, a knife was held to his throat. "Goodbye, dwarf" said the Chief. "Wait!" he said. "What if the prophecy came true?" "What do you mean?" She asked. "Well, what if I'm the second part of the prophecy?" He said, and opened his belt.

They walked slowly near the shore, the waves washed their bare feet. "Do you have to leave?" She asked him. "My kingdom needs me, I have to get back to my crew and set sail" "But what about the boy?" He put his hand on her belly. "What about him? He'll grow to be the best warrior in the land and all of that on his own, he doesn’t need me. I have to get back now, farewell". He left her, and went back to his ship.

Epilogue Sir Willakers has been called to the docks by a commander. "What is it, commander?" he asked. The commander pointed on an empty boat in front of them. "A small boat has docked at the port, it's not Dwarfen" Willakers drew his sword. "Elves?" "I'm afraid not" At that moment, a horde of men jumped from a bush near them and drew their bows. A very tall man, with a feather hat on his head, walked to the commander. "My name Is Chief Pause the great, and I'm here to conquer this land, overthrow the king and rule this Kingdom! Take me to your King's tent!" Willakers smiled. "Like father, like son".

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