Bug: The Angel of Mercy Contaminated Zone no valting option so you're locked out

Ohhh my lordy I am actually on the other posting about this and there also a video of someone else getting it but they were pc. I'm on ps4 and I have literally taken several screenshots at .25 speed of both videos 1/2 second before it let's you vault up.

Just so I could get the exact camera angle and foot placement and I still can't get to the scaffolding (last part).

1st part a few minutes 2nd part less than a minutes 3rd part 20seconds Last part over 48minutes...so far


Oh and yes, both parkour things are on and I'm using a strikepack with both rear triggers programmed to ○.

I don't want to give up but honestly, so far. This has been the most difficult part of the game. No exaggeration, seriously it's been easy up until rightmeow.

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