Build Fight Exhibition: SarraMinovsky vs Miles_Dodger (x-post /r/Sarraminovskynotes)

"Do you have a brother, Miles? Just wondering." Sarra asked as they were on the way out of the Labs.

"Uhh, no, but I do have an elder sister? Teases me to no end, but we haven't seen each other for a while now. What about you?" Miles answered awkwardly, puzzled as why Sarra would ask that.

As they arrived at a cafe, Miles looks around, scanning the place. "Well this is a nice little place, innit?" He remarked, sitting down opposite a small table across Sarra, who was flipping through the menu. He looks across the table at Sarra, forgetting the surroundings and what he was doing for a moment until he was jolted back to reality by a waiter.

"Hello sir, ma'am." The waiter spoke courteously. "What'd you like today?"

"G'day mate." Miles returned the gesture, giving a small wave to the waiter, before realizing that he was too busy looking at Sarra to decide what to order. "Errr... Sarra? What would you like?"

Sarra gestures towards a meal in the menu, an imported salmon. "She'll have the imported salmon. I'll have the same, thank you."

"Any drinks?" The waiter replied, looking at a notepad and writing on it.

"I'll have cola. Sarra?" Sarra shook her head. "And just water. That'll be all." The waiter nodded before walking off into the kitchens.

As the waiter left, Sarra spoke up. "Miles, why do you do this? Gunpla battle, I mean, and helping me? Someday we will have to face off in the arena, right?"

"Because you're cute." The voice inside Miles' head spoke.

"Because you're cu-" he managed to cut himself off as he went along with his stream of consciousness. ahem he cleared his throat. "Because- because you're amazing. I can't just sit by and let someone with so much potential alone like that." Miles continued, visibly blushing red. "Besides, I look up to the first Meijin. He was a builder, a teacher. I want to inspire gunpla builders and fighters the same way as he did. Besides, if I face you, I would prefer you to be fighting earnestly, that way I don't have any doubts about me being responsible for the victory. As to why I battle... well, it's fun, isn't it? You can feel it, right? That rush of excitement as you launch into a battle?"

As Miles finished talking, the waiter returned, placing a bottle of cola in front of Miles and a glass of water in front of Sarra. Miles took the bottle opener, lifting it up and opening the bottle with a pop, sipping several times.

"Sarra, how did you end up in Japan, anyways? I just realized that I've had two battles with you already, but I don't really know much about you. I mean, your kind of music, what you do in your spare time. I'd love to know more!" He smiles as he places the bottle down on the table, leaning slightly forwards as he looks into Sarra's eyes, waiting for an answer.

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