[Build Help] $3000 PC Build, need assistance figuring out if I picked the right parts.

He already has 2 top tier GPU's. Not much you can upgrade there buddy.

Jesus what is up with you and the rage against overclocking? You don't have to get a $100 Corsair AIO to overclock. A phanteks tower cooler is well over enough, hell an i5 can be clocked to ~4,2GHz with something like this Cryorig cooler. Also your "benchmarks" and sources are full of shite. Go find any trusted site, say Bit-Tech.net and see what they have to say: http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2014/07/03/intel-core-i5-4690k-review/5. I'd rather not trust some site which is written like a middle school text document with spelling errors.

  • Overclocking is not going to burn your motherboard or chip unless you're a total twat who doesn't know anything what he's doing.

  • Every Z97 board out there is going to be able to overclock any -k chip + the G3258 Pentium.

  • As a person who browses the New section a lot, there hasn't been a single post that i've seen in the last ~2 months that someone had burnt their chip, care to link me one of those threads, more desirably three from three concurrent days.

  • It's not a "gamble" as every chip with a -K in the end is guaranteed to go higher than stock speeds, some don't go as high as others, some go higher than others.

  • Overclocking parts are not overpriced per se, as they usually have more features. Try to find a non-Z board that supports SLI.

  • How the fuck do you sell "would you ethically sell one?" as an actual point as to why you shouldn't buy overclocking hardware?

  • If your hard drive has crucial data then i suppose you should know that raid is no backup, and that you know how to make actual backups. Raid certainly will help in certain cases, but what if your PSU blows up and takes every drive with it?
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