Build of the Week: Dark Pact Necromancer

No, its mostly about how big your epeen is in PVP. Its pretty clear to me.

No you just can't seem to overlook I used that as an example. It is about the power of block.

That is great. You can do the same thing with high EHP and VP, and never have to worry any of the problems with block (like not blocking a big hit or DoT).

VP DOES NOTHING VS DOTS. I said this. Most VP users can't even run Blood Rage, a degen, because it can be suicidal. Otherwise, there's no difference in eHP, as you stack health with every build.

You leech through it, obviously. You're being obtuse at this point.

What happens when there's nothing to leech of of?

Sweet, until that slam kills you.

Go stand in Shaper Slam as a VP character. A 75 or 78% chance is a lot better than none.

Hahaha, except if that were true, block would be super popular right now. It is not, because eventually a big hit ends you.

VP is easier, and less point intensive (unless Necro). If VP is nerfed, you will absolutely see a transition to block.

Which is the only type of thing people care about. Doing the hardest PVE content in a PVE game is probably a good idea.

Again, go stand in a Shaper slam.

Please go away now block fanboy.

Please suck a dick.

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