Building a life filled with wild parties, cool friends, and attractive women after college.

I live on the West Coast in a big city, and its really easy to have a party life because there are so many people looking for fun. This is made easier if you have money, because you can buy cooler experiences, go to cooler venues, and you have a bit of social status from it.

Here is a step-by-step guide I used after coming out of an LTR.

1 Every weekend do something cool. Some cool things to try since its winter: Skiing/snowboarding, ice fishing, ice climbing. (Cool things tend to be more expensive, this is where money helps, but you can overcome this by being creative and planning ahead and taking advantage of GroupOn).

2 Have 2 or 3 regular hobbies where you can meet people. Ex. Learning a language, gym, pickup sport. Now, each session, force yourself to talk with 3 new people and invite them to your cool event. This was the hardest part for me, but it gets loads easier after you've done it a few times. You can start with 1 new person at first, but it will be harder to get the ball rolling because of flake rate. Surprisingly you will get a much higher response rate from girls. Girls love to do cool things. My numbers are roughly guys 20% and girls 33%. People are usually pretty cool about it. They'll indicate right away whether they're interested or not, very few last minute flakes.

If they can't make it, no biggie. Don't nag people, I don't invite more than once for most people, sometimes twice if they just didn't like that particular activity or were busy.

Once people try an adrenaline activity like ziplining with you, and spend the whole day with you, you'll be good friends. Its easy to build the relationship from there and invite them to parties, or go for the close.

3 Throw 1 house party a week. Have lots of fun props. (Ex. pingpong table, Wii, Cards Against Humanity). Invite all the people you've ever built the above relationship with. In #2 you want to be the friendly non-murderer guy. Here, with girls and booze, you can be the chill guy, with the guys, and the high social status, sexy guy with the girls.

4 After 1 party, ask guys and girls to bring their friends. This is where you can really meet a huge number of girls easily. Most guys will bring guys, because they're dorks. Here, you got to be harsh. Stop inviting them so much.

5 Make your move: You don't try to close at the party. If you close, you've killed your chances with all the other girls. I don't know why it works that way, somehow sleaziness outweighs social proof in my case? Anyways, move around the party, make sure you're introduced to every new girl. Chat for a bit. Then go back to mingling. After the party, add all the girls to facebook. I've practiced memorizing full names, then you just gotta match through the person bringing them.

Chat through facebook. Get their number. Chat through text, more convenient than facebook. Escalate language. Try to get pics. Invite her to your place, boom!

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