Bullfighting in Spain

And no it is not a fair fight, the bull is not in top condition when he faces the final third

So in your mind a fair fight would be a one ton bull in top condition against a dude who weighs less than 10% that?

You are right that if they tried killing a full strength bull they'd be shit out of luck, because in reported cases of bull attacks outside bull fighting arenas only 1 in 20 people attacked even survive the attack (and they account for 42% of cattle related fatalities even though there's so much fewer of them than cows). Because it's not even a remotely fair fight to have a full strength bull fight a human.

Everyone involved knows that there's no chance of a human defeating a full strength bull, even when its weakened it's still a fight that is not guaranteed to go in the matador's favor. If it were guaranteed no one would watch it.

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