[BullsGold] on Twitter “New Bulls rookie Patrick Williams. Definitely showing some nice fluidity in his game. #BullsNation”

Ahahaha dude you're so funny!

I'm not unrealistically excited about the guy. Did I say somewhere that I expect him to be so and so level of good this year?

I made some reasonable references to top guys in the NBA with regard to Pat, and then the geniuses like you guys come out of the wood works with your snarky comments putting words in my mouth.

I mentioned Giannis because I was happy to see the Bulls FO make a move involving some risk and mystery. I mentioned Kawhi because Pat has some physical attributes that Kawhi has. They're both 6'8" defensive stoppers with broad shoulders and big hands.

I get "triggered" at cynical, bitter users like you telling me to "chill the fuck out" when I've said nothing incorrect or irrationally optimistic, when talking about our young/future players. You're literally just trying to shit on someone's parade when they've done nothing wrong.

There's literally always a few of you bitter pricks who need to say some condescending shit despite how clear I try to make my point for idiots like you. Must be the Chicago weather.

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