Bullshit guests say "I respectfully disagree and I am taking the room"

You think I'm lying about my friend for attention on the internet ? Not everything is broadcasted on the news.. and because you can't find it on Google I must be lying ? Get real bud, Her name was Ifrah and she died because the tim Hortons in Richmond BC more specifically the Tim Hortons at Richmond centre mall didn't take her allergy request seriously.

People survive into adulthood despite having serious allergies so I'm not sure why you think she should have died long before because she's allergic to something so common.. You know it's actually possible to have an allergy to common foods and not die because the people you order food from aren't incompetent or idiotic enough to think it's okay to serve people something they are allergic to in order to see if they are telling the truth about their alergy.

Do you always accuse people of lying when they share a cautionary tale that involves the loss of one of their friends or are you just feeling extra cunty today ?

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