Bullshit like this makes me want to stop dating.

So I was going to ask this girl out when I got physically hurt by a dog. Arm's feeling wrecked, so not able to do anything. This girl just ghosts, and I don't bother to follow up. It's happened several times, and it will happen in the future. There's no point in pretending otherwise. I don't reply; she doesn't reply.

Several days later, she sends this. Knowing I like her, she went out with someone who almost raped her, it sounds like. And you know what sucks? if she had called, I would have sent or gotten a car just to make sure she got home safe regardless of relationship or circumstance. She knew I liked her and went out with someone anyway. That makes me feel like shit. And yet, this happened. She got kicked out to walk home? She didn't think to call for a ride? She's following up TWO DAYS AFTER GHOSTING?

I wish I'd swiped left. Part of me is hurt, part of me is understanding, and part of me is mad at both halves.

If she calls again I'll send a taxi, cause in the end, I would not be able to leave someone to their fate of walking home at night. But she can forget about a date. It sounds like she had that covered.

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