Bully Ray on how Tony Khan should have handled the scrum: "Once Punk shut Tony down. That’s where Tony had to turn around and go ‘Timeout. Enough. This is where it ends. Next question please.’ You are the billion-dollar owner of the company. If you want to shut them down. You can shut them down.”

One of the weirdest takes I've seen here is people going, "I'd like you try and do that if someone was acting like this at work.", as if this isn't the commonest shit during team meetings and presentations in pretty much any occupation. There almost always a squeaky wheel that has to be reigned in, hell something a team member has to step up and control the lead if the lead is the one acting like that.

Anyone who's had a "real" job that involves group meetings regularly sees someone take control in such a situation or has done it themselves. If TK's behaviour magically became the norm, the corporate world, academia, sports, literally any team and hierarchy based field would collapse on day 1.

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