Bully Ray Says CM Punk Put Tony Khan In A Bad Spot & Buried Khan’s Decision Making, Says Khan Needs to Get Control of Punk, Young Bucks, & Kenny Omega

Yup, this is the first thing I've seen here in the last few hours that rings true. Maybe I'm biased but Cornette has always said the Bucks and Omega get heat backstage and no one is big enough to challenge them. Fuck, Omega once told the locker room 80% of the people there can't lick his fuckin boots lol. Seems to me like Punk never had shit to lose. And he plays it that way. The Cabanna shit doesn't help but he had never been A-tier. So when he was let go around the time Punk comes in, naturally, everyone was gonna assume shit. Especially since Colt was friends with the golden boys. Then Page felt dissed so he shits on Punk because Punk is honest about bringing AEW to a new level (which he has obviously had a hand in doing). Punk gets pissed and shits on Page at the scrum. Bucks and Omega break down a door to fight Punk. Now everyone's turned on Punk now. But Ray is saying they're all being shitty and honestly, I'm glad Punk went off. Khan now has to do something about it instead of sit around playing therapist. The fact that NO ONE has said shit to bash Punk OUTSIDE of a friggin promo shoot, tells me all this is blown out-of-context bullshit. And Tony should have shut this shit down a long time ago. No one is getting fired. But I wouldn't put it past Punk to walk. Punk is an asshole. But he's been a pretty honest asshole. And I love the bucks, page, and omega. But seems like they play politics backstage. Punk's just the first one to say fuck em' for it.

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