Bullying on MUA

Also, a SINGLE individual downvote isn't bullying, but mass downvoting a single user because you don't like them is kind of bully-ish behavior. People aren't saying that a single downvote is awful bullying, but sustained downvoting from many users is a super passive aggressive way of saying "fuck off, you aren't welcome here." Comments or posts that break the rules should be reported and then they will be deleted. I stopped posting and commenting on MUA because my posts and mostly my comments were receiving large amounts of downvotes immediately after submission, though they didn't break any rules and were an honest attempt at contributing to the community. It just shows me that I'm not wanted and neither is my content. I would never suggest people shouldn't downvote me just to be nice - but it's that kind of behavior that chases people away from a community. It's not fun to contribute to a community that tells you to fuck off. It's not fun to contribute to a community that is catty, that makes fun of it's own members. It's not fun to contribute to a community that is judgemental and not welcoming.

As for MUACJ, I understand the point of circle jerk subreddits but it seems like a waste of time to me and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you don't like a subreddit, leave it. I would never spend my free time making fun of a community I willingly participated in - and that's exactly what MUACJ does, it MAKES FUN OF MUA. I don't really think it's "satire." I definitely get a feeling that MUACJ is laughing AT MUA, not WITH it. It certainly feels mean spirited to me, much more so than the regular reddit circle jerk subreddit. If you feel the need to vent, rant, or blow off steam about a community that you willingly participate in, maybe it's time to reconsider your participation. Things that make me want to vent, rant, or blow off steam are things I try to avoid because I don't like feeling frustrated. I don't think circle jerk communities should be disallowed, I just think they are silly and I understand how a person who is active on MUA can go look at MUACJ and feel like they personally are being made fun of. Just my opinion.

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