Bullying and students with IEPs

I know this is an old post, but I want to say it is sickening these bully students are protected from consequences. I have C-PTSD from years of these students being allowed to torment me. Behavior like a villain from a horror films is not kids being kids, it's a student getting perverted pleasure from the suffering of others. It is not fair or reasonable anyone but especially children have to cope with bullies who's behavior inspires horror films.

I have thought hard about this. Here's what I think should happen:

If any special needs student tells a teacher they fear another student, that student should be kept away from the fear inducing student, period.

If a child claims to fear school, claims they fear every day a predatory student will hurt them again, the predatory student must face consequences or be removed from their target student.

I remember from 3rd grade if not earlier being tortured by these students, and told no one could save me from them. I now have extreme social anxiety. I am surprised when others treat me with kindness because since I was a child I learned people will hurt me. If I tell I get gaslighted and told I misunderstood the situation. I was threatened with punishment for repeatedly tellimg these special needs emotionally depraved students were hurting me. I was victim blamed. I was told being good and kind only makes you a target, you have to out monster the monsters to survive.

I live with the legacy of being made for years to be in survival mode. Hypervigilant, always wondering when will they hurt me again. Absolutely terrified of detention and being the lamb thrown in with the lions. I'd scream and beg not to be sent there, I did everything I could to be a good girl. This is how abuse victims think. If only I was good enough they wouldn't have been allowed to hurt me.

These emotionally disturbed students do nit belong in a public school. Whatever happened to keeping those who are a danger to others away from those they can victimize? There needs to be a serious change. I should not have had to leave my high school crying that if that protected special ed bully, the one that smiled at my misery. If they didn't leave me alone I'd do something criminal. These emotionally disturbed students rot the humanity from those around them and make others diseased like them. The answer was not to label me as the one who was psychotic, the answer was to find out who this human virus was that turned me from a girl who'd never harm someone, to one who daydreamed about locking this student who was allowed to psychologically torture them in their locker until they died. Of course it's ridiculous as a bad plot to an old nerd gets their revenge movie, but I had my humanity drained from me by the psychic vampires allowed to remain in special ed to feed.

I have Autism in case you were wondering why I was put in special ed. I have been making progress with this, no longer beating myself up because teachers told me I needed to understand these students were acting out because they were hurt. Like a bully victim is going to care that their bully's fee fees got hurt by being made to face the music. I was convinced by teachers and other professionals it was my fault ED students did things to me. It is never the victim's fault. I blamed myself for not having the empathy to understand students with psychopathology of serial killers, I did my research so I could psychologically manipulate them back. And I don't feel one ounce of guilt for it because in my mind those bully students weren't people, they were inhuman. A student who frightens a girl told to be ashamed of her sound sensitivity with popping a balloon, who lusts for witnessing the humiliation of innocents. They should have the right to have their feelings matter revoked.

The students who have disabilities like Autism have to fight to get help, as all the teachers and staff are trying in vain to rescue any humanity from the student who walks after people screaming, like an animal. How can someone so evil be fixed? Someone who lives for nothing other than to inspire terror in others, who's twisted and warped sense of happiness comes from pride, going "Look at what I made them do." People do not get satisfaction from twisting and tearing into someone's soul, and playing with them like a puppet. "Look at what I made them do." A person who thinks successfully pushing others to suicide is evil and can not be fixed.

As you can tell I'm extremely angry, adults are protected from people like this, they can have them put in prison. Children with disabilities are forced to endure exposure to pure evil from the moment they go out into the world. No, sociopathy is not a disability. Students are made to sacrifice their sanity and ability to learn, and for what? These ED students will just end up in prison. Why should innocent students suffer so the opportunity of an education can be wasted on a child who was born without a soul? I had to learn from horror films doing things to people is wrong, because the unending excuses made for these vile children convinced me they were capable of empathy, understanding they did wrong. They just go on to the next victim and the next. They don't feel remorse, if they feel anything it's only for self-pity at being caught.

What's worse teachers who truly feel awful being made to unleash these abusers, having to watch their students suffer because of them. In fact schools who allow these emotionally disturbed students near any other non-ed child ought to be sued for allowing child abuse. It is child abuse to expose a child to people so evil hurting others is the only thing they can understand.

I hope I wasn't too offensive. The fact these students are allowed to ruin more lives makes me beyond angry. At least when I grew up people didn't know about special needs that well, I was born in 82'. The fact people know these students are dangerous, they know they will harm others and they let them loose around children. I know this likely will come across as hyperbolic, but would someone like say Freddy Kruger be considered emotionally disturbed? Where does it end?

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