A bunch of Karen's showed up at the White House wishing to speak with the manager

They are and so are a bunch of us non Karens.... as a Geezer mom on reddit, I’ve seen the Karens and the non Karens and lots of Men work together to improve Vehicle safety, change drinking laws and penalties, fight to keep kids off of drugs (not just the “just say no” thing but the parents in the trenches who’ve lost kids to opioids) and I do believe that Moms Demand Action is just one more thing that people are doing in the hope that they might make the world just a little more safe.

In these things, sometimes the Karens involved are annoying, but please know its not just Karen’s who want to protect kids from drunk drivers/drugs/vehicle incidents/mass shootings - most of us vaccinate our kids, realize we aren’t entitled, and actually try to be nice each and every day to everyone.

I don’t know if you knew the girl that you wrote about, but I am sad that this happened to her - a young person with her whole life ahead of her.... I am very sorry. Word don’t provide much comfort I know....

Peace to you.

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