Bungie, allow me to Revoke your Beloved notions on sniper zoom

They are tiny aren't they? I guess the maps were designed for double primary 4v4.

Also, the reason those rifles account for 86% is that there are just no other good snipers that are that easy to get. Long Shadow, Twilight Oath, Tatara Gaze (just ask CammyCakes), and others are all RNG grinds. And Trophy Hunter is no longer available for anyone.

The ways to stop people from using Beloved are: kill it, make more snipers, or make other archetypes better/available.

Unfortunately they always choose to kill it. I just don't get this design philosophy of "fixing" things that players like. It'll never end, because many players will always gravitate to the best in slot.

First they came for the Breakneck users, and I said nothing, for I wasn't a Breakneck user...

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