Burden of Proof

If you don’t like taxes it’s the same whether were talking crypto or fiat. Whether you like it or not these exist. I am not supporting taxation im just getting that fight out of the way because its not a bitcoin fight its a political general economic fight. Today, right now, at this moment, they exist bitcoin or not.

Bitcoins salability will determine its potential for world adoption. bitcoin being taxed as capital gains instead of foreign currency is a Huge impediment for salability because even if merchants offer the option to pay in bitcoin the general population wont do it because of the economical and legal responsibilities they will incur from it.

Bitcoins protocol is different to other “cryptocurrencies”. Allowing Bitcoin to continue to be conceptually grouped with XRP and ETH is only delaying its potential to acquire the status it deserves amongst society.

This is a conversation, a question, a pursuit to defend bitcoin, but if this community cant move past a word in a post and see the deeper underlying issue being discussed here then we deserve to be grouped with the rest of the shitcoins.

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