Burn Notice

Friends sister never left the nest (at age 32) no biggy really but 3 years ago met the "love of her life" a 31 year old divorcee with 2 kids, with a little debt and no assets.

The "Love of her life" after 3 months moved in with parents and GF due to financial constraints and recently got joint custody of his children i.e kids now live at the parents half the year as well, week on, week off.

The parents and his Fiancee (proposed on their 1st year anniversary) take annual leave so they ALL can share the responsibility of having kids during the school holidays amongst other sharing parental duties. If my friend wants a bit of help (very infrequently) its is apprant its an inconvenience!

My friend left home to live with boyfriend(now husband) at 22, married at 25, bought a house at 26, has a good job and has been happily married for 5 years with 2 kids.

The friends sister has a good job, could have moved outages ago. There is talk of them moving out after the wedding but my friend thinks it bogus as they have live in carers, why ever leave?

PS- They do pay some minimal board and do chores but compared to an average person out of home in their thirties, its a pretty good arrangement if you ask me.

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