Burn-out and the art of yearning

There wasn't a single line of text in which I'm advocating for FOMO or anything related to it, nor am I speaking to agree with Bungie's tactics or any other game developers tactics. For you to assume that I'm just okay with it is wrong on your part.

It's occured to me how breaks in games had come in the past and how they're meant to be. I'm fully aware of the situation and forever wish it was a different landscape in gaming altogether.

Am I putting it on the player? Definitely not. Am I advocating for a break due to the malpractices found within the game? Sure. Can it help those who may be affected by these malpractices? Sure, it's helped me and many others.

There wasn't a single line where I even mentioned this is a problem with the player, nor did I mention the issues with the game at hand because THAT ISN'T WHAT MY POST IS ABOUT. This is a neutral entry to those who might be burnt-out due to their overstimulation or addiction to what FOMO could provide someone.

Before you try pinning this on me as if i'm to blame for any-one-damn-thing, read my full message slowly and look at what it's trying to actually achieve. I understand you're upset with this game and the direction it may be taking, and so am I, but to assume i'm advocating for something which is written in neutral tone, there are issues on your end that need sorted out. I hope you achieve that.

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