The Burning Legion, Legend Demonlock

Howdy folks!

It's the first GvG season! There are soo many cool new interactions and deckbuilding options out there right now. And Cancer Hunter is just as hair-pullingly frustrating to play against.

From Rank 5 through Legend, I mainly played two decks. The large majority were with the following Demonlock deck. To make the climb from Rank 1 to Legend through hordes of Hunters, I played Paladin.

Here's the deck: [Burning Legion Deck]

Last card was cropped out. It is Molten Giant X1

Here's a small taste of the ridiculous scenarios that can come up when laddering

[I am Eternal!]

[Paltry Zoo!]

[Mhmm yes Mistress]

[No Deathwing Please]

Card Choices

1x Mortal Coil - Good vs aggro and control. Also can be used to mop up Implosions that fail or activate your own weaken voidcallers. This deck has the potential to have quite a few dead cards in hand so you don't want 2.

2x Zombie Chow - This thing is amazing. It is great vs aggro and excellent vs Warrior and Handlock. It keeps armor down in the warrior matchup and it heals handlocks out of cheap molten giant range.

2 Darkbomb - Possible may want to cut 1 for a silence, but they typically do work vs aggro/midranged decks, especially since mechwarpers are so disgusting. They also provide some unexpected reach sometimes vs handlocks and other classes.

2x Mistress of Pain - Armorsmith for the Warlock! A 1/4 creature is pretty annoying to deal with and it threatens to be buffed by demonfire, demonheart, and Defender.

1x Demonfire - Most of the time this is very meh in control matchups, but it has been clutch vs aggro. It can be a spot removal or a buff for the MANY members of the burning legion.

1x Big Game Hunter - Everyone and their mother is running Dr. Boom - all decks that don't tunnel on an opponent's face has this.

2x Implosion- Instant board presence in a can! 3 instant damage and 3 imps is amazing! 4 instant damage and 4 imps is godlike! 2 instant damage and 2 imps is 'Holy shit I think I lost the game because Mechwarper didn't die'! Sometimes the RNG will screw you. Hopefully you can use it in situations where the 2 imps won't be awful, but 66% of the time this card is money. On top of that, the imps are demons baby. Mal'Ganis can be their Quartermaster.

2x Shadowflame - An activator for your voidcallers and the only real board clear in the deck. This is why we have so many instant cast spells and early control minions like chows and mistresses. Try not to use flames unless you really need to.

2x Defender of Argus - Will almost always get full value off this guy with all the imps and sticky demons you have. This deck has a limited number of taunt mechanics though. These are 2 of 4. It can make you vulnerable to combo decks such as mech druid.

2x Voidcaller - Summon powerful demons from the Burning Legion at the low low cost of dying! Turn 4 Voidcaller, Turn 5 Faceless Manipulator Mal'Ganis is the dream.

1x Demonheart - Spot remover for 5 HP minions or a huge boost to Mistresses or Imps. Very versatile. I'm satisfied w/ this card's performance. Especially good in control match ups.

1x Doomguard - Very versatile in this deck. He is a scary minion if summoned by voidcaller and he is immune to BGH. He also typically comes in at the end of fatigue games VS Handlocks as the last card in my hand and lethal damage.

2x Faceless Manipulator - Makes your VS control matchups incredible. It is also integral to the turn 4 voidcaller, turn 5 copy whatever you get.

1x Loatheb - Parley board control into guaranteed victories. Really good in any deck that can get crazy boards 1 turn and end the game next turn.

2x Sludge Belcher - Your final 2 taunts out of 4. They are very sticky and I don't think this deck would be possible without them. Great turn 5 Play if your voidcaller didn't die.

1x Siphon Soul - Good to include 1. It's healing and instant removal.

1x Illidan Stormrage - Go ahead. BGH him. I've got 5 more threats that are way scarier. He's another Demon that is typically great to cheat out and copy. Or do whatever. 2/1 minions are pretty damn good in this meta.

1x Dr. Boom - Going up the curve to 7. Auto include.

1x Ragnaros - I hate the RNG, but he's the most solid 8 drop legendary.

1x Mal'Ganis - THE demon. Not Jaraxxus. This guy is it. He synergizes w/ other demons and he synergizes w/ himself! Also, who doesn't want 2 mana draw a card for free.

1x Molten Giant - I like just the 1 because between Mistresses and Mal'Ganis Immunity, you may not ever reach low HP.

That's it for this thingy. Feel free to ask questions!

PS - NOTABLE EXCLUSION: Jaraxxus was not included in this deck because calling out a 3/15 mega-turtle is only good against aggro...maybe. Otherwise he's just a giant liability in your hand.

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