Burying that piece of history

dude cmon, what are you on about. harassment? Just because I asked a simple question? The original question wasn't even anywhere near harassment. All I asked was whether you were the one who made all the memes on fb; it was a "oh i wonder if it's the same person? hmm." I wasn't even mad at first. I was Just wondering. Then the mods deleted my comment, i'm not sure why. Maybe cuz you complained? It's not like i said your name or anything or told people to harrass you?

LOL, that's rich.

Cmon dude, if you didn't wanna be known for something on the internet, don't post everywhere and make it obvious it's you and then get angry when people recognize your activity. I figured someone who was so nonchalant and open to posting stuff under their name and photo wouldn't mind if they were recognized for something they did in a public forum for 60k people to see. also, calling someone a spammer isn't an insult or harassment, it's more of a fact.

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