Bush visiting the victims of Hurricane Katrina

See I not only lived through bush jr I voted. While trump is a horrible president he still hasn't been able to do as much harm or cause as many deaths as bush jr & co. Trump is a lame duck wanna be dictator. Don't get me wrong he's still trying to live up to his potential. However he's not started any major or even minor conflicts yet. His tax cuts won't happen (the gop plans might). If you'd like to discuss environmental damage he's still not topped the W. Public education? Well no child sure fucked us for over a decade. Foreign policy trump is gaining. What of the alt right neo nazis you ask? I say what of the rise of conservative Christians tearing down as much of the church/state separation they could while blowing up clinics and doctors. The real thing holding trump back from beating bush imo is not only his incompetence but a fear of competent advisors. Bush had a cabinet full of genius level assholes and the sith lord Cheney who ran the show for him while knowing how to guide his hand.

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