But Doctor, Reddit tells me I'm in perfect health!

Damn those socialists with their free healthcare and low waiting times.

The American expensive premium healthcare includes "Prime Month Long Waits" and "Reverse Discounts - pay us more because you dared to be born with a genetic disease!"

As a Brit who's lived in Asia, the UK and whose parents/siblings have Green Cards. I just don't get it.

My parents are well off and have good insurance but still pay silly money for such basic healthcare.

I had to do the same in Singapore. Like paying for an ER visit. What the fuck. You shouldn't have to pay for ER!

Here I am back in the UK paying a bit more in tax but less overall than my insurance cost, and I get healthcare in a different League from Sg and the US.

It actually sickens me how many Americans do not have access to basic healthcare.

This post was in jest, but also serious in the sense of we do not want medical advice given out by this subreddit. There's too much risk and Reddit gets targeted by the media often. If a thread explodes and then someone dies because of bad advice, I'm sure it would come back to here. We don't want that. There's no way to prove who is a cardiologist here.

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