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We went through operational recovery for events from 9/11, to hurricanes, to cryptolocker. I'm not talking about a service, I'm talking about replication technology built in to the storage array the powers the majority of financial institutions since the 90s.

The goal of operational recovery is to never go to tape. If NYC goes down you go to Boston. If someone erased the data (which would be replicated to Boston)then you go to the newest clean snapshot in Kansas city. If for some reason you don't have a viable snap you go to tape. You aren't pulling decades old tape, you are pulling the last full backup of the system and any incremental backups. Weeks and days old.

I had 22k backup tapes at one point in time when I was a customer. I could go into a backup catalog and select the system and date I wanted and provided the barcoded tape numbers of the individual tapes I needed and have them back at my site in 5 hours normally. The tape vaulting companies don't just have a big room of tapes, they catalog them by barcode and location for each customer. You provide the numbers and they know exactly where they are.

Data protection as a business is very mature, and financial companies have regulatory requirements for data retention that they are audited against. They perform mock recovery where they bring systems from a specific point in time up on a regular cadence.

I lived in this world for years. The major financials are very mature in this space.

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