Butt hurts when upright?

This thread focuses on one of biggest worries with buying my first motorcycle.

I live on Vancouver Island, and would absolutely love to explore the island and surrounding islands on a motorcycle. For this reason, I'm pretty set on buying an Adventure style motorcycle. My problem - I compressed my two lowest discs about a year and a half ago now, and still suffer from it off and on. I'm worried about buying the wrong motorcycle and being stuck with one that hurts my back and is unusable.

I rode a cruiser for 40 minutes, and had a sore tailbone / lumbar area for days after. But, i don't really have the option of rest riding anything before purchase, which increases my fear a bit. I hear sportbikes should be fine, but that limits my exploration options by a big factor.

As such, would it be viable for me to ride an adventure motorcycle? Are there any modifications I could do that would further mitigate the risks of lumbar / low back pain with that style motorcycle? Or am I limited to sportbikes?

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