The butterfly effect is usually taken as a negative theory. What is an example of a positive butterfly effect that happened in your life?

I had never realized it's negative, I think it's a pretty neutral thing, anyway...

I think my best case is that not liking roller coasters caused me to become best friends with a guy who occupies that position to this day.

Before high school my group of friends went on one of those agency trips to the U.S and their amusement parks, I was(or maybe I was and declined, don't remember) because they knew I hated rides and would never want to go.

So when they came back on the beginning of high school they were kind of obnoxious( to me) with inside jokes, hanging out with people I really didn't like from other classes who were on the trip too, only talking about what happened there, just a weird situation for me, so I kinda stepped away from the group a bit and started talking more to two other kids who I was just kinda friends with, almost 10 years later one of them is still my best friend and we've been through a lot of good shit together, couldn't be happier with that.

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