Buttigieg’s ascent shows millennial revolution spreading to U.S.

When Pete was a student at St. Joseph high school, three students were expelled for building pipe bombs and setting them off next to children at a playground. Their classmates staged a walkout in protest of the supposed unfair treatment towards the young white privileged psychopaths. The walk out worked and the three young men were admitted back into school. That's an example of the character of graduates of his former high school. I think it's past due for someone to ask Pete where he was when students walked out of class in defense of their classmates' right to set off explosives next to innocent child victims? The high school has a reputation for graduating a particularly self-indulgent brand of white privileged youth who are so well connected locally that they become practically untouchable in the criminal justice system. As a former graduate, he didn't hesitate to gift his Alma-mater a multi-million dollar tract of land for free so they could build a new campus. If he's the face of millennial revolution, then the revolution is overwhelmingly encased in the defense and support of white male privilege and corruption. He also gifted millions of dollars of city properties to his childhood friends to develop...there's a clear contradiction between what he purports to be his values and what his actions demonstrate.

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