Want to buy Ryzen instead of Intel but the biggest problem is finding a good MB where I live

I'm actually in the exact same boat, and I've spent a good while researching these. If you're really interested in as much motherboard information, watch a few of buildzoids videos and you'll get all the info you're looking for (he'll tell you what differs in vrm quality between each). Essentially, the taichi and crosshair won't steer you wrong, but you should be perfectly fine going with a higher end x370 too, I'd say. Just avoid the TUF series, as it's not very good on the ryzen series IMO. Gamersnexus covers all the motherboard too, and they have a x370 vs x470 video too. They're very factual, but the gist was basically you don't really gain much going over to x470. Just look at the features of each and it should be fine, though I'd always recommend one with the usb bios flashback so you could update the bios without a cpu given any issues arising.

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