Buy / Sell / Trade - August 11, 2019

Hey guys, recently my life’s taken some very sharp turns for the worse and I desperately need to sell off some of my clothing collection. I’ll spare everyone the sappy story so long story short parents kicked me out much earlier than expected, am currently homeless. I’m trying to get some money together for a car and as much as it pains me to see this stuff go, it’s the smart thing to do. Hopefully someone can get some enjoyment and life outta these pieces like I once did. Everything is 100% legit and has been obtained through drops from the respective brands, and all though almost everything is used I’ve kept tags,receipts, and emails to ensure authenticity. Everything is in great condition and aside from being worn is basically brand new (I take very good care of my shit) If anyone would like any pictures of the items please pm me and I’ll be happy to oblige with whatever you want. PayPal only please and I am shipping from North America, Western coast. Thank you for your time, and here are the items as follows.

Off-White x Nike Hyperdunks Size 12, Used 8/10 with yellowing from age. This is very normal for shoes from the 10 collection as whatever Virgil made them with causes them to yellow if not stored in an airless fridge. LF 500$

Supreme Team Ringer Color Tan Size XL Used 9/10 LF 100$

Supreme Piss Christ Tee Color Black Size Large Used 9/10 LF 90$

Supreme Arc Logo Zip Up hoodie Color Cream White Size XL Used 9/10 LF 200$

Supreme x Spitefire Classic Swirl Tee Color White Size XL Used 9/10 Lf 65$

Antisocial Social Club Flannel, Size XL Colors available Red and Blue, Used 9/10 LF 200 Each or 300 together.

Antisocial social club Frozen pink hoodie Size XL Lf 200

Antisocial social club woodland camo hoodie Size Xl Lf 200

Antisocial social club Playboy V1 and V2 hoodie Size Xl 200 Each or 300 for bundle

Antisocial social club Rainy Dayz hoodie white Size Xl LF 200

Antisocial social club Conditioner and BodyWash (Yes this is real, yes I bought it lol) LF 50 never been opened If anyone is interested in purely the Assclub please pm me as I have more than I listed but didn’t think anyone would care. Serious buyers only please. THANK YOU

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