Buyer beware with Nectar and Cocoon

Today's first interaction was the "best" one. Groaned and started another chat with a customer service rep. Asked them to contact the carrier and place an intercept for another part of the order that I do not want. I didn't mention in my original comment here that when I told Nectar to tell the first carrier to do an intercept of the actual mattress, they said they could, but it was simply too late to request it (it wasn't lol, but okay Nectar, you do you.) Today, I was told that intercepts are never done. When I cited my conversation with the rep who said that they are done but sometimes it's just too late, the new rep left the chat. Ghosted me. I barely care about rudeness or whatever at this point, I've resigned myself to the fact that this is going to be painful all the way through. And I do feel bad for these reps too. I know they don't make policy decisions. I hope that rep who ghosted me got up and quit right after. Peaced out, looked for a better company, with customers who aren't losing it wondering where their mattress or money has gone.

After that special moment, it was back to email, with the same rep who told me before that intercepts *are* done, and claimed I had just asked for one way too late. This time around (again, this is the same individual who acknowledged intercepts *can* happen), they tell me that they can't do it, period, ever. Bruh....

All the questions from me have been the same, over and over, but all of the answers from various Nectar reps have been hella creative.

I expect I'll get some kind of refund - eventually. Someday this will end. I feel the worst for those I've seen posting on social media about orders made in April (earlier, in some cases) with no shipping dates, lost packages, broken bed frames, mangled pillows, incomplete compensation in their returns, no compensation at all, and on and on from there. Cripes.

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