Buying first pistol; worried about longevity of the p226 platform.

I ended up getting a P226 select after trying the grip, balance and controls of quite a few full sized 9mm pistols at my LGS. I’m out in Montana so there aren’t really places you can rent guns and use them at a range but we have amazing ranges to bring your own gun to. This all started when I went to zero in my hunting rifle and my wife, a Marine Corps vet, brought her 1911 with us. After doing quite well with our 308 we went to practice a bit with the 1911. I then realized I couldn’t hit a target from 30 meters with her 1911 while she had a tight group of shots even firing rapidly. So I plan on practicing at the range with the P226 as much as I can since 9mm is a bit cheaper and the P226 should hold up well. I doubt I’ll ever match her marksmanship but I at least want to hit the paper regularly.

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