Buying a house costs more than just a down payment.

I just bought my first home and it is way more $$$ than I possibly could’ve imagined. We live in a hot market, we purchased a 1964 rancher home for 280,000. At first glance we knew it needed new flooring because we had a baby and wanted clean carpet, the yard needed work too. Our inspection was 400$ our seller wanted it done ASAP to close by a certain date, then we also had radon test and sewer scope to make sure the sewer line was good total cost 950$. We had 14000 down, so we’re at 14950$ total. Seller offered to pay closing cost (4K) due to repairs needed from inspection. So, we need a new electrical box (5k) flooring (4k) we need a new range (oven) 560$, fans cuz there’s no ac and the fans were so old and hot (80$ x 4), bathroom sink and kitchen sink 400$, toilet 100$. washer and dryer thankfully gifted to us by my mom 1600$, we need a new mattress (600$), uhual 200$, not sure the cost on boxes, cleaning products, bug spray, shovel for snow, 200$ deposit for city utilities, trash collection service 40$ and the time my husband took off work for a week to move us was $$ too. Soil stack leak was missed on inspection so we’re paying 500$ for that too, plumbers to install our 2 new sink and toilets 350$. Take out food cuz we haven’t been able to cook during the move has added up. Not to mention trying to get people to actually get out to the place to do work it’s been exhausting. We’re about 25k deep in this. With only 14000$ down! Lowe’s and Home Depot both offer credit cards and we have great credit, not a lot of debt so that’s been helpful!

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