Is Buying a house here worth it? or is it better to Rent?

It’s make no sense to rent if you can buy. You’re literally throwing your money in the trash and building a random person’s net worth by helping them pay off their assets. Prices are going no where but up in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Sure there will SLIGHT declines here and there, but overall, it’s going up! There’s no more land to build SFR! San Jose is the #1 city in the world that will experience the most expansion for the next 20 years. There is way too many developments happening, not just Google and there will continue to be more rising in the next few years. BILLIONS are being invested into San Jose. What do you think will happen to housing prices?! It will go up! No question about that. The same people who are talking about prices declining soon, a bubble burst or whatever, are the same people who said the same 10-15 years ago, who were renting and guess what, they are still renting. Owning a house here is now out of reach for them because they couldn’t see the writing on the walls. Renting a house is just as much as a mortgage and property taxes. There’s many ways to get into a property - a lot of people are unaware. Many creative ways. Of course you need cash, but you don’t need to be making $200k + annually. There’s plenty of opportunities with properties under $1m and different strategies. Your first purchase doesn’t have to be your dream home either. Find something with upside. Whether it’s a fixer or in a area which is gentrifying. Doesn’t have to be the $1.2m - $1.5m home completely remodeled.

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