Buying Iphones from now on

Hide Photos on iPhone or iPad.

You’re wasting a ton of storage space 99% of the time so that you can not be bored for the other 1%? Sounds super-efficient. I guess I don’t have an answer for this other than an iPad Pro and a USB-C thumb drive, which would let you do the exact same thing.

And if by “fairly recently” you mean like 2 years ago, then yeah.

And guess how many times most people have used Files since then. Not much, I’d bet.

iOS and Android use opposite models. In Android you start with what file you want to open and then you open it by choosing what app to open it in, like a PC. So you need to organize your files to know where everything is.

In iOS you start with the app you want to use, and within that app you open a file, and you never have to think about how the files are stored or organized.

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