buying on duProprio

In my first case, I would have accepted their offer at 0 commission, meaning that it was not too low. It was at my previously-determined lowest selling point. I’m not sure where you read that the offer was too low?

In the second case - how do you know the buyers believe that the realtor was worth the 10k? They were forced to pay an amount due to their contract. I can’t say whether or not they were fine with this, but I can say that they had to pay $10 000 extra.

I also didn’t say “agent=bad idea” and you did in fact argue that there were no downsides to having an agent as a buyer. My point is that there can definitely be drawbacks to having an agent as a buyer. There are pros and cons to both situations.

My personal thought is that buying and selling on DuProprio (I’ve done both a few times) is easy, and realtors can’t possibly justify the cost of commission (I understand that they only get a small piece of the commission pie, but the whole pie is mine to begin with). All the worst parts about buying and selling still need to be done by the client (ex: cleaning up for showings - DEFINITELY the worst part of selling, in my experience). This is my personal opinion, though I understand there are pros and cons to having a realtor in both scenarios.

The entire reason for my posts is arguing against your blanket statement that you just somehow claimed you never made.

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