C’mon NJ! Get your shit together!

It's nice and all, but the prices are still ridiculous. In my state there's only a few licensed shops for recreational, so the prices are double the black market. But the same shop sells medical for much cheaper, since there's dozens of medical sellers to choose from. So the price can be nearly half for the exact same shit at the same shop, just because your doctor says you've got problems. But when you apply for a medical card you go on a list that's controlled by whatever fucker is in office that week, and I don't want to do that.

The state is creating an artificial monopoly with their licensing system, and the stores that benefit are gouging consumers. So most people are still buying unregulated shwag from the dude down the way, and occasionally treating themselves to high priced edibles or concentrate.

It sucks all around, because the tax boon to the state isn't nearly what it could be. So some of the keep-off-the-grass politicians are already calling it a failure. And cops are still making arrests for dealers and busting up buys. It's legal to grow, have, and use its illegal to sell without a license (that you can't get).

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