C233 - Any advice for accelerating?

#1 Perfection is your enemy. Get used to the idea of "good enough". Your job is to pass and move on to the next course, not be an authority on the subject.

#2 Map it out. Are you thinking 1 term? That's crazy but I've seen people do many times. 2 Terms? Very aggressive but very doable. 3 terms? Ok, you're beginning to look like a slacker lol

3) For OA. Screen shot PA and study it until you master it. This will get you through most classes since they are aligned well on most classes. Few, not so much.

4) For PA. Don't overthink. Open Microsoft Word or PPP and put the title on the page and start writing. Use the rubric and follow it. You should strive to meet the rubric's requirements and nothing more. You're not Hemingway, remember. Also, make it super easy for evaluators to read it. If they ask: Student should understand the difference between x and y, one you type that part of the assignment literally type: "the difference between x and y is..... Again, you're not winning a pulitzer and the evaluators have to read hundreds of these so make it easy for them and easy for you. Yes, this is very dull writing but it gets the job done.

5) Don't take more than a couple days off (if needed) trust me it's hard to start again.

6) Use this for tips on each specific course. For your degree there's more info here than any other degree

7) The first few classes are super easy. Give yourself a pad in the back if you can do 1 per day but know that IT WILL GET HARDER. Having said that, not too hard.

8) Most agree that the following classes are the hardest or, at least more time consuming. College Algebra, Finance, Managerial Accounting and Ordinary Differential Equations. Just messing with you College Algebra is the most you need for the BSBM. Anyway, I mention this 3 only so that perhaps you can start dedicating 20 minutes a day until you get to them so that they don't slow you down. That's advice I didn't take but I had a few week slowdown because of them.

That's all I got

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