Cake we made yesterday for the end of win7.

LOL, that's hilarious really. And who are you again? Right! Sit down. I'm not worried about getting any "cred" from a Redditor,fwiw.

As I said I DO make exceptions. Chrome is one of them. And I wouldn't touch Android with a ten foot pole, sorry. But honestly other than Chrome I don't allow FOSS on my network. There is a serious lack of support if/when the proverbial poop hits the spinner and I want someone I can call or talk to, and hold them accountable. And I think with super new FOSS, there is a definite security risk.

Here's an idea Edward - you worry about your environment(s), and I'll worry about mine. The way you talk as if you are some kind of authority is quite humorous to me. Why get high and mighty Ed? I'd wager to bet you are in no position to be judging others choices!

BTW, I never said I don't like or use open source software. In my personal workflow, I do. But in a large scale business environment like I run, you just don't take the risk nor do you allow for any kind of downtime. Especially if it becomes a mission critical application or an important part of the end-user's workflow.

Thanks for the downvote, btw. I'm a giving guy, so I'll return the favor. ;)

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