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Nah. I’ve put in the work and asked for all the help I can afford. I’ve depleted my life savings getting help I couldn’t afford. None of it was worth it. Therapy is an absolute hoax. The most expensive therapists just have nicer offices than the low-income ones. They never say anything new, I’ve heard all the advice, I’ve done the 130-day workout & diet regimen with a personal trainer and personal nutritionist. I’ve been through mental facilities and 90-day programs and psych-wards. I should have a fucking punch card. If therapists were like Pokémon cards, I have the most enviable collection. I have been seeing therapists continually for 15 years now, with absolutely no progress.

I have wanted the help. I have worked for it. I have given it my all.

People like to say that I haven’t tried had enough, but I assure you I have. My brain is simply wired too wrongly and it can’t be fixed. There’s no self-pity in this statement, just objective observation. The amount of work, the various things I’ve tried, and the sheer amount of time (literally more than half my life now) that I’ve put into recovery have amounted to nothing. Less than nothing, it’s taken from me. Now I have no money because I spent over $80,000 on the latest treatment plan that didn’t work.

There’s no where else to go. It’s the end for me.

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