Calgary council unanimously votes to condemn Quebec's 'regressive' Bill 21 | CBC News

The government is not going to get hit because of this law - because you already know it has widespread support in Quebec. And the government is well aware of not having enough evidence to show religious symbols such as a hijab will compromise the religious neutrality of the educator/police man/etc - they do not care because they do not need to convince the majority of Quebecois.

The group that is being subjected to this law is a minority group without any real political power. The Quebec media does not have many minorities so the media gets to control the narrative of what is being told to the population - that this is fair, that the majority of people want the law, and we must respect secularism.

What will protect the minority group is the charter of freedom and rights - which the CAQ government is well aware of, but has use section 33 of the constitution to override it.

This is a prime example of a systemic discrimination that is enshrined into law.

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