Calgary man, 20, sacrifices his life while saving little girl in freezing cold lake

It’s crazy how some people will approach such a tragic situation with such a negative outlook to try and ease their cowardly conscience into thinking “if I was in this situation, I would have handled it way better”. Fact is, we’ve all been on a boat without a life jacket. We’ve all acted impulsively and reaped the consequences later. This guy couldn’t swim, he didn’t have a life jacket on, but he knew in that moment he could do what needed to be done to save that little girl’s life (despite the cost). That’s what makes him a hero, lil keyboard warrior. As the wise Maester Aemon said, “We all do our duty when there’s no cost - honor comes easy then”. If this guy passes Maester Aemon’s honor test, he’s a hero in my book, and he should be in yours too :) RIP Dallas Miller, Canadian hero!

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