Calif. attorney files for ballot initiative seeking to have all gays executed

Let us finish the story!
“The abominable crime against nature known as buggery, called also sodomy, is a monstrous evil that Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty, commands us to suppress on pain of our utter destruction even as he overthrew Sodom and Gomorrha.”

In this story, God sent two angels on a mission. The plan was to utterly destroy EVERY creature in S & G.

BUT! There were four people. Lot, his wife and two virgin daughters. Four folks---exactly the people God wanted populating the planet!!! God allowed these four to escape before S&G obliterated from Earth.

There was just one rule…..”Don’t look back!”.

Lot’s wife did, though, and was turned into a pillar of salt. Oh, God! You have such a great sense of humor! I wonder how many packets McDonalds could make from ONE pillar.

Then Lot and the two virgin daughters flee and find a cave.
“We are virgins and no man is left to use us to make children. We MUST get father drunk on wine.”

They decided to take turns. “I’ll do Dad, tonight. I’ll help YOU do DAD, tomorrow night.”

(I am not making this $hit up! Yahoo or Google....or steal a Gideon Bible from a Motel 6!)

Maybe Lot wasn’t a bugger, but he loved his wine. His daughters knew how to do what needed to be done! Both became pregnant, by their father, Lot, and bore a son.

Two of the 12 blood lines of Israel.

Today I have come to have a profound respect for that sentiment, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” This attorney has very little knowledge, yet is too stupid to appreciate just how ignorant he is.

This moronic lawyer could not tell you the ten commandments, how many books are in the old or new testament (name them)…..and explain the relevance (ie….first five books of Old testament are the Pentateuch—Hebrew/Jewish LAW)…..or how they were canonized by BUGGER-fied Catholic priests!!! How were the 2400+ OTHER books dismissed from inclusion???

(In the 'Lost Gospel of Mark', Jesus said, "bathe and come to me naked, and tonight I will show you the kindgom of heaven". He was speaking to Lazarus---a dude!)

Any person unwaivering in accusations that “homosexuality IS A CHOICE”……is only capable of such certainty BECAUSE THEY STRUGGLE with this issue each moment of each day. Sexual attraction is innate and instinctive. You did not wake up, one day, and realize…..hmmmm….I want to lick boys. I want to lick girls. Which should I choose?!!!

Of course not. We hit puberty and phenermones and hormones drive what “gets” us all fired up. If you are a straight male……rarely, if ever, did you ever have any thought of sucking another guy’s nipple. Instead… knew what got your juices flowing. It was not a conscious decision you had to make. I am an identical twin. Both gay, and both ostracized from our Baptist family. Together we have more “degrees than a thermometer” (and I’m not saying education or credentials are so important…..I’m merely suggesting that our f*tard siblings……..two that were pregnant and on Medicaid by the 9th grade……are so mentally challenged, we’ve learned, after our best and most desperate attempts…..there is nothing that will change their beliefs. We endured many years, believing we were destined for Hell.....BUT then we actually devoted many years towards reading and understanding the Bible and how it was assembled).

Our childhood was the very opposite of “happy”. We weren’t caged in a dog kennel. My twin scored 1600 on the SAT (that was a perfect score a long time ago). Our Dad said, “BIG deal. You cannot even catch a damn football.” (I'll twin is a big sissy, though!)

Forgive me……this is a sensitive issue and I could include links to a novel and more. I was in a monogamous (gay) relationship for 17 years……until he was killed by a drunk driver. I have been single since, and plan to remain single.

In terms of “heterosexuality”, a simple investigation into scripture will enlighten that sex between man and woman is ONLY for one purpose…..with intention to bear children.

Oral sex…..or sex beyond menopause…..are AS OFFENSIVE as this ‘buggery’ mentioned in this lawyer’s pursuit.

Do we kill all homosexuals.....or just the ones practicing homosexuality? Everyone has grandparents. You think they're having sex throughout each day? Of course not.

The reddit crowd is highly intelligent.

In the greatest work of fiction ever written, the son of God……Jesus……nobody would disagree that he did not understand his purpose.

But why, then, did he PLEAD……”Father…..if this cup may passeth from my lips…..” (translaction: WTF?!!! OUCH……it’s gonna hurt, Dad! PLEASE……Invent another son……I’ll go into witness protection and disappear!).

It get’s better. (I’ll spare you the Aramaic…..) “My God, My Father…..why hast THOU forsaken me??”

Wait just a second. You’re Jesus, right? Virgin birth…..Manger…..Christmas trees and Easter eggs???
I think this was the game plan the moment your omnipotent and omnipresent Dad invented our world! This crucifixion is crucial to the Christian faith.

Maybe I’m an idiot, but those words would not make sense to an intelligent person. They would be blasphemy. I'm bewildered how quick Christians are to dismiss.....'oh.....he was just nervous!'.

Imagine…..the very SON of GOD….blasphemy.

I’m sure I’ve managed to stomp on every possible toe reading this commentary, but my point is this: study the Bible and understand how it was assembled. Do not randomly chose some verse and then persecute people that offend you, pretending to waive the proud Christian flag while building a following.

I hope anyone on Reddit reads this lawyer’s name: Matthew G McGlaughlin. Remember it. If I hoped to hire an intelligent lawyer, I would be quick to eliminate this idiot in consideration.

He’ll have his day of reckoning.

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