[California] Law office offering to collect money owed to me that is in "state controllers office" for fee of $30. Is this legit? Can I skip the lawyer and collect it myself?

Yes you can!! As long as you havent signed anything from this law office. You have to go to the state controllers website under unclaimed money and look for your name. One time i was bored so i figured i would work on my photographic memory by looking through there but i think it was just the county of san diego and i was blown away by some of the ones for fairly large amounts - wondering how or why that amount of money ends up not being claimed and reasons it happens. One of the businesses had like 10k of unclaimed money. An auto body place that paints cars which was near the welfare office, and i wanted an estimate for a paint job for my vehicle at the time so i went over there and then i told the owner about the unclaimed amount of money on the countys web site unclaimed money and he seemed surprise and thought i was going to try and charge him a fee, as he also like you was contacted by a law office or somebody (who really knows with phone calls these days right?) and how to claim it himself for free.
I wouldnt be surprised if scammers use this public information to contact people that have yet to claim the funds, somehow end up taking it all so i wouldnt trust anyone. The news informed me of such info and how people can look it up to find out if they have unclaimed money. There is state funds and local counties that have links to unclaimed funds.

So get on that and then please , you dont owe me or anyone a fee, but if you could please let me know how it is you ended up having unclaimed funds because for the life of me i couldnt figure out how so much money gets lost and ends up unclaimed like that- competency issues maybe or address changes maybe ?most of them are really small amounts most people could care less about since its likely not worth the effort and money it takes just to get the check to cash costing more just to cash or deposit it into the bank.

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