California Lawmakers Press On With New Vaccination Bill which will require that all school-aged children in the state receive vaccinations.

Hi-jacking the top comment for this but it has to be stated.

I am probably going to catch a lot of flak for my thoughts because this discussion is so polarized at the moment but most of the proponents of required vaccination seem to be unaware of the risks vaccines actually pose.

To date, there has been almost 7,000 injuries legitimately attributable to the measles vaccine alone. Evidence is also starting to emerge that is causing immunologists to believe that there are relationships between specific sets of immune diseases and specific vaccines. There are respected immunologists within the community that will recommend avoiding specific vaccines to people with family history of different immune disease. Ultimately, the majority of vaccine related injury victims are under 3 years of age and have genetic/epigenetic factors involved.

Vaccines are effective and are not likely to harm the average person, but you don't need 100% vaccination for herd immunity. We also can not ignore the people who were actually harmed because of the quacks and generally ignorant deniers. The analogy I like here is comparing people at risk for vaccine injury to people with Celiac's disease.

Personally, I could not support this law because of the risk it poses to probably several thousand people. I think the push for 100% immunity is unnecessary and that the schools should be required to have high enough immunity to each disease so that herd immunity is achieved. The solution is not to bar people from education because they are at risk (or their parents are ignorant) but to identify why people reject vaccination and allow people with medical reasons to remain unvaccinated and still attend school. We must first identify biomarkers or patterns in family history that indicate who we can not vaccinate before we legislate who's concerns are invalid. Without more knowledge of why people are harmed by vaccines we can't determine how to identify them. Until then, this policy is just throwing at risk kids into the fire because it has grouped them with the ignorant and/or religious naysayers.

Source: Computational Biologist; Former Scientist of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies

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