California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents show | World news

What a twisted way to present this.

Two groups of people get in a fight. Group A and Group B. It doesn't matter that group A are nazis, or group B are literally pedophiles. The police will still "work" with both groups, to determine what happened.

What should they do? "Oh shit, I didn't realize you guys had crappy beliefs, sorry, the justice system isn't for you."

They have to do their job regardless.

The person pushing this story is named Yvette Felarca, who I've seen in videos and heard of in the past. She's a terrible person, regardless of what she claims to be for or against.

Here she is on video, literally assaulting someone* in front of the police while he begs for help from them. They don't help him. Then she claims they're working together?

*Pretty sure "someone" is an actual nazi type of person. It still doesn't make it right, or legal. And it certainly doesn't help her claim that their all working together.

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